Abstract Structure


We intend to achieve the following key objectives:

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Awareness and Education

Raise awareness and educate the Black clergy and community about COVID-19 and other health disparities

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Increased Testing Rates

Proactively engage high-risk communities through a COVID-19 testing campaign that includes contact tracing, isolation and quarantine – all with the goal of stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives

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Infrastructure for Supportive Isolation and Quarantine

Establish a network of trusted health navigators in the Black church to develop and administer a Community Solutions Action Plan (CSAP)

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Increased Vaccination

Increase vaccine trust, and therefore vaccine uptake, in the Black community through popular education, community support, and culturally appropriate messaging

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Strengthen existing and foster new local networks that provide resources, address health disparities, and support healthy communities during and beyond the pandemic

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Establish a sustainable, scalable model that can be expanded to additional cities to address health disparities in other communities

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Develop a federal and local advocacy plan for equitable public health

The initial focus of the future of health in Black America will take place in 

five (5) major U.S. cities

  • New York, NY

  • Newark, NJ

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Detroit, MI

  • Washington, D.C.

Major U.S. Cities