Abstract Structure


The DFA Choose Healthy Life™ Standard –A Sustainable, Scalable and Transferable Approach to Public Health

  • Created and developed by Debra Fraser-Howze, founder of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, to address the AIDS epidemic

  • Centered around a network of Black Churches – the most trusted institutions in the community

  • Collaborated with local community-based organizations with a vested interest in providing support to underserved communities

  • Standard can be applied to other health disparities

Abstract Structure

Creating a national community mitigation and infrastructure plan to address the pandemic from within the community to include:


Creating a new workforce in partnership with the Black Church 

  • On the regional level, work with local United Way agencies to establish a Health Navigator Supervisor (HNS) for each city

  • On the local level, recruit Black Church Public Health Navigators (BCPHN)

    • Trained on COVID-19 precautions and testing protocols

    • Work with clergy to establish testing dates and maintain standardized logs

    • Conduct church outreach ministry to raise community awareness