National Partners

Quest Diagnostics is the national and lead testing partner

United Way creates community-based and community-led solutions at the national and local level –health is among its top priorities

Resolve to Save Lives is the lead technical and scientific partner

Work with clergy to identify local physicians that can serve as a health resource

Train health navigators on core public health skills and knowledge, using a flexible, asynchronous curriculum delivery approach

Facilitate public health certification for those completing the course and exam

Create internal CHL website and live dashboard of campaign progress towards vaccination goals

Advise Alabama churches and HUB partner

Host National Town Halls (webinars) to share COVID education, build awareness, and address vaccine hesitancy

Host “Ask The Doctor Sessions” across the South

Develop public-facing CHL website with reputable vaccine and testing information

Lead development of overall comms strategy (messaging architecture)

Drive media to support vaccine messaging, including by seeking story coverage from local, regional, and national media

Leverage social media to share CHL vaccine efforts and advise on social media and market-specific campaigns, messaging, and talking point

Create culturally relevant creative assets for churches

Develop social media campaign such as the “God Made Medicine” campaign

Develop public-facing CHL website with reputable vaccine and testing information

Improve the new CHL website’s reach and ensure consistency with social media messaging


The Choose Healthy Life mandate is to address health disparities throughout communities in the United States. The initial focus and priority is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic to increase access and empower choices for testing and vaccinations. Choose Healthy Life is looking for national, state and local community partners, funders and implementers. We seek to forge new ways of working together, please get in touch today
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